Ecotech Green is dedicated to the delivery of specialised electrical solutions, supporting our clients in rolling out the significant infrastructure needed to capture, measure, distribute and manage their energy efficiency.


Our nation-wide network of expert professionals has the capabilities to deliver multi-site projects and the resources and confidence to “tread new territory” in terms of technologies and client requirements.

We partner with suppliers that are at the leading edge of energy management and technology with a view to deliver end to end energy efficiency upgrades to existing infrastructure to reduce carbon footprints, energy costs and overall environmental impacts

We assist our customers achieve considerable energy savings and cost mitigation through a number of methods, these being:



  • Energy audits
  • Power analysis and data logging
  • Electricity tariff selection
  • On-going energy monitoring
  • Energy management systems
  • Smart metering
  • Lighting Control Systems
  • Line Carriers
  • Energy saving timers and movement sensors
  • Lighting efficiency analysis and LED upgrades
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Solar Power Solutions
  • Installation of variable speed drives to Refrigeration/HVAC Compressor and condensers.
  • Electric Car (EV) Solutions

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