Ecotech has dedicated engineering services partner to design and document industrial, commercial, and residential projects. Design capabilities include complete sets of CAD drawings with full technical specifications that detail material and parts lists.


We remain at the forefront of emerging technologies through our vendor relationships. This provides a strong foundation from an installation perspective, as buildability and optimal outcomes are considered when installing and commissioning systems.


We bring a Prac-academic approach to the electrical and technology of projects by combining our smart and innovative engineering approaches with our ‘on the ground’ significant practical capability. This approach cuts projects costs, brings real world design, delivery efficiencies and a practical focus to the project as well as markedly diminishing project overruns or variation


Our clients appreciate the practical guidance we are able to provide regarding delivery programs, costs and other issues. Having our engineering design and delivery teams in the same organisation means that we are adept at finding practical ways to save costs and make projects run smoothly.


We have capabilities in:

– CAD designs up to and including LOD500

– Audio Visual and Control System Design

– Renewable energy analysis and system optimisation using solar power and hydrogen systems

– Robotics and computer engineering


Our team can provide advanced engineering that includes lifecycle predictions which greatly enhances project outcomes and reduces delivery risk.


Our design capacity covers the entire lifecycle of a built asset and we provide a design interface that is simple to maintain and integrates into facility managers systems.


We help clients to reduce capital and operational costs by improving systems interoperability. This is a result of interrogating system events and providing alternate solutions via machine learning, which greatly enhances a user’s experience and reduces the possibility of human error.

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